Welcome to Dependable Pool Care..

Just sit back & RELAX,  Dependable Pool Care offers various pool cleaning, and pool maintenance services for swimming pools from Noosa, to Caloundra, Nambour to Maroochydore Cooroy, Buderim, infact we can service most of the Sunshine Coast..

Our motto is "A Clean Pool is a SAFE Pool." A clean & chemically balanced swimming pool will be safer for you & your family or guests.

 It will also feel pleasant to swim in.  No stinging eyes.

Dependable Pool Care services most of the Sunshine Coast. We offer a regular swimming pool cleaning, water testing & balancing, & maintenance service.  Depending on your needs we can program in monthly or fortnightly pool cleaning servicing. In some cases in the peak of the swimming season a weekly swimming pool service maybe requirred.  You maybe just planning a special occasion & you would like your pool to be at its Sparkling Best.  Dependable Pool Care can help.

We also offer a Short term or a Casual swimming pool cleaning & maintenance service.  You maybe going away for a time & you just need someone to keep an eye on your swimming pool. You don't want to come back to a GREEN pool or a burnt out pump because something went wrong & nobody was there. Remember MURPHY'S LAW :-( 


We carry a wide range of pool chemicals to help balance your pools water.  There is no need for you to race off with your jar of water to the pool shop. "We'll come to you"

  1. Swimming POOL EQUIPMENT

  Having problems with your Pool Pump, Salt Chlorinator, or Filter. I can supply & fit new swimming pool equipment for you.


Restore & bring back to life.                                                                                                                                                                                           A Green swimming pool is unpleasant to look at & a Health Hazard. I can generally Restore your green swimming pool in one visit depending on     how Green it is.

What ever your needs call Steve.

Pool Cleaning, Maintenance, Water testing, Pool Fence Inspections